How To Stop Sweaty Feet

If you’re one of the millions of people throughout the world that suffer from excessively sweaty feet and you find yourself battling a flood in your shoes on a daily basis you’ll be anxious to discover how to stop sweaty feet. Medically termed plantar hyperhidrosis, excessive foot sweating can make wearing socks and shoes both difficult and uncomfortable and may even lead to certain types of foot infections such as fungal nail infections and athlete’s foot.

Everybody’s feet sweat but it is only when the sweating becomes excessive that various problems begin to manifest. You’ll be glad to know there are several different natural remedies you can use and below I’ll explain how to stop sweaty feet using these methods. No longer will you have to put up with sodden socks and shoes and the accompanying unpleasant foot odour.


  • Firstly we will discuss the importance of correct foot hygiene. One of the main problems people with plantar hyperhidrosis suffer from is unpleasant smelling feet. It is actually the bacteria on the skin of the feet that interacts with the sweat and causes the strong smell so by maintaining proper food hygiene you can greatly minimize and even eliminate the smell altogether. Washing your feet with an antibacterial soap and ensuring you change your socks and shoes regularly should be sufficient in tackling this. On the whole I would suggest washing your feet with a special antibacterial soap at least twice a day and pay special attention to the webbing between the toes as this is often where bacteria can collect.
  • You may wish to use talcum powder or baking soda on your feet as this helps to keep your feet dry and clean. A good time to apply this is after washing when the feet are already fresh. Some sources suggest this technique works better in combination with a special foot antiperspirant. We recommend the antiperspirants listed below:









After bathing, dry the feet thoroughly and then apply the antiperspirant. Allow the antiperspirant to dry then apply to talcum powder or baking soda. This will provide a ‘double’ effect of preventing sweating and keeping the feet dry and odour free.

  • The type of shoes that you wear can significantly influence the amount your feet sweat and the associated smell. Bacteria love warm, dark and moist areas and a closed shoe provides the perfect environment for this for bacteria to grow, resulting in the characteristic smell of feet. Where possible try to wear open toed shoes such as sandals. Obviously this is not always possible, especially at work so in this situation try to stick to natural materials such as leather or canvas and avoid synthetic materials such as rubber as these materials do not allow the feet to breathe easily. When the feet can ‘breathe’ easily they will remain cooler and are less likely to sweat as much. This will also help to minimize any associated odour and is an often over-looked strategy for how to stop sweaty feet.
  • You should also consider the kind of socks you’re wearing if you suffer from sweaty feet. Generally cotton socks are not great for this purpose as they absorb sweat but hold it close your skin. In this instance synthetic sock materials allow the foot to breathe are better and helping to reduce foot odour but regardless of which type of sock you are wearing you should change your socks at least once in the middle of the day to maintain proper hygiene minimise smell and reduce sweating.

If you are experiencing skin irritation or suspect you may have a bacterial or fungal infection as a result of your sweaty feet it would be wise to have them checked out by a qualified healthcare professional as opposed to treating them yourself. I hope you know understand more about how to stop sweaty feet and can use some of the strategies immediately to help you overcome this sweating problem for good.